A Call for Volunteers for Labor Day Weekend

As you know, the Gotham Softball Classic, our annual charity tournament, takes place Friday, Sept 2 thru Sunday, Sept 4.  Games will be played at Randall’s Island on Sat and Sun,  with the Opening Party at Hardware (697 10th Avenue) that Fri night, and the Closing Party at Johnny Utah’s (25 W 51st Street) on Sun night.

Naturally, we want to make it a great weekend for our visitors and the local teams as well. So, the GSC committee needs volunteers to help. We need as many league members, friends, spouses and supporters as possible.

Remember, the tournament is for charity, and it’s an opportunity for us to act as gracious hosts, representing both our league and our city with pride.

Please let us know if you can give us even just an hour or two in any of the following areas:

1) Field Captains/Field Crew – looking for 3 people to assist the committee as Field Captains (and several more as members of the crew) in making sure that the fields we will be using in Saturday and Sunday of tournament weekend are supplied and maintained properly.  That is, we need to make sure that each of the 6 fields we will be using has: bases, a pitching rubber, tape measure, trash bags, a cooler, a consistently replenished supply of water and ice, lineup cards, score sheets, enough new and not-so-new softballs, a well-stocked first aid kit, and anything else we need to supply.  In addition, Field Captains would be responsible for checking and replenishing any of these items throughout both days, and making sure they are set up on Sunday morning as they were on Saturday.  Naturally, the Field Captains and crew will work with the Tournament Directors to make sure these duties are carried out.
2) Set-Up/Break-Down Crew — seeking several people (could be same as above or others) to assist in early morning (as early as 6:00 am) unloading and set-up of materials needed for running the tournament, including tables, chairs, banners, coolers, bags of ice (also need folks to coordinate the pick-up of ice throughout each day), cases of water, tents, equipment bags, and more.  Also need people for gathering and returning these items to the truck on Saturday and Sunday evenings.
3) Registration Assistants –  Seeking 6 people to assist the committee in making sure that all players are registered before the start of their team’s first game.  Volunteers needed in this area on Friday evening (as player registration will take place during the Opening party) andSaturday morning (at the fields prior to games that will be scheduled to start at 9:00, 10:05, 11:10 (and, possibly 12:15)).  These volunteers will guide players through the process of registering by asking each player for an id, checking the name on the id against the name on the submitted roster list, asking one of the co-directors for assistance if there is a mismatch, and witnessing the player’s signature on the line provided next to his or her name on the roster form.  Also, registration assistants will help assure that all managers are given manager packets provided by the committee and that all registrants receive a “goodie bag” (if provided) and (at the party) a wristband (if provided), which would indicate eligibility for any specials offered by the venue for party attendees.  Finally, these volunteers would offer and explain any tournament information provided, particularly answering questions related to game and event schedules and details.
4) Party Crew – several volunteers needed to assist in helping both parties go smoothly.  These volunteers would work under the direction of the committee and the League Social Director (Andrew Gandy), and would be assisting the staff of the venues involved, as needed.
5) General Volunteers – several people needed to assist during the parties and at the fields so that anything that pops up can be handled quickly and effectively.
Of course, all volunteers would act under the direction of the Tournament Co-Directors (Mike Cohen and/or myself) and/or any member of the BASL Executive Board.  And, naturally, however much or little time you can give would be greatly appreciated.
If you are interested, please respond to this message by sending an e-mail to gsc@bigapplesoftball.com or dantoniomike@gmail.com and let us know about how much time you can give, on which days, and which category shown above that you are interested in supporting.